Terms & Conditions
In order to use the products and services of Emailwear site, you have to read and agree to Emailwear terms and conditions. By downloading and using Emailwear templates we assume you have read and accepted all Emailwear terms.

Copyright and proprietary rights

All templates (generally, Products) belong to Emailwear. Our Products are payable intellectual work, which means you pay for the license of using them. When buying our Products, you receive manageable data (graphics, code), and you have the right to modify code, layout, graphics in any way the Products might suit your needs. However, you may not change or delete copyright marks from HTML code and, more important, having paid for our Products does not grant you any intellectual property rights. Hence, we do sell license for using our Products, but we do not sell Products’ intellectual rights or Products’ ownership.

Other content or data rights

You may not copy or use without Emailwear permission any of the Site’s logos, names, content, styles, templates, or other materials. Mentioning Emailwear must link to the Emailwear site.

Liability terms

Emailwear cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage or incident occurring after purchasing our Products. The damages or incidents include, but are not limited to, business decrease or fail and data loss. Any technical repair and service (except for bug-fixing to adapt templates to a particular email client) will be extra charged.


As stated in article Liability terms, we provide non-charged support for correction of HTML code in case a template does not look properly in an email client, and charged technical support. The prices of all charged services depend on work difficulty, and shall be discussed individually.


The payments will be taken care of by PayPal.

Return Policy

Emailwear Products are non-material and non-tangible goods. This is why we cannot offer you a refund for the already paid Products.

Privacy Policy

All your private data and information, sent to or submitted on our official emails, blog, site are confidential. Emailwear does not offer access to any of this information, nor does Emailwear share it with anyone.