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Pre made email templates or design from scratch?

Designing the newsletter is one of the most important phases in creating a successful email marketing campaign. You have two options: to use a pre made email template or to create a newsletter from scratch.

Using pre made html email templates is a good solution for each and everyone, beginning with small businesses, who don’t want to spend money on hiring a designer, and for medium or big businesses, who need a real professional approach.

Time saving. Creating an effective newsletter takes time and needs specific knowledge. Using a template, you will not have to hire a designer / coder. After just some customizations like modifying a few colors and adding a logo and some content your newsletter is ready to go.

Money saving. A pre made template will cost you less than creating a newsletter from the very beginning. Also, you will no longer have to pay a designer or coder each time you’ll want to change the layout structure or to make some adjustments to the content. A well done template usually comes with a few layouts and colors so the only thing have to do is to update the content.

Big diversity of templates. There is a big variety of newsletter templates available on the market, from simple and free to complex and premium. We are sure you’ll find a template that will suit your needs. You’ll just need to make a few adjustments the newsletter to correspond to the look and feel of your company and you’ll get an effective and unique email design.

High quality. Premium templates are tested in every email client. You can be sure your newsletter will look properly in all important email clients. You’ll always be able to find a template that corresponds to the latest trends in email marketing.

Free Support. Usually, the marketplaces that sell premium templates offer free support. In case you’ll find a bug or if the templates don’t display well in an email client, you’ll get help and advice.

You decide which way of creating a newsletter fits your requirements best. Emailwear can help you with both options. Whether you choose a pre maid premium email template or want to design newsletters from scratch we wil help you make it the best way!

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